Kids Classes

phone: 603-682-8021

Kids painting classes usually last about 1 to 2 hours. We provide everything you’ll need for the class including; Water cup, Paper Towels, apron, canvas, brushes, paints, and palette. The animal paintings are sketched out to make it easier for children to enjoy the painting experience. Choose a Painting from our samples, or if you have something special in mind we can create a new painting for your event.

"Snowman and Broom"
"Laughing Lobster"
"Pumpkin and Owl"
Have a painting party for your child! Celebrate their birthday or any special occasion.
"Black Cat and Pumpkin"
Choose a Kids Painting for your art party!
"Sea Turtle and Clown Fish"
"Lucky Ladybug"
"Tree of Dreams"
"Panda Bear"
"Tropical Island"
"Penguin with Hat"
"Giraffe and Flowers"
"Gerbera Daisies"
"Snowpeople Skating"
"Frog Friend"
"Tropical Fish"
"Snowman in Snow"