phone: 603-427-8251
Title: "Wildlife Friends and Pets"
Location: 222 State St., Portsmouth, NH
Date of Class: Thursday, September 19, 2019
Cost per Seat: $55.00
Time of Class: 6:00 pm         
Studio and Gallery
Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes before Time of Class
Paint a Wildlife Friend or your Pet
and support the 'Center for Wildlife' and 'Lyme Warriors'
Please type in the Wildlife Friend's Name that you would
like to paint in the comment section when ordering.
Please send a few good photos of your pet if you are
painting your pet.
Thank you.

It will be sketched out for you to paint in class,
Instructor will assist.
"Ruby the Hawk"
"Dante the Raven"
"Leo the Owl"
"Gracie the Hawk"
"Gaia the Owl
"Young Lucile"
"Artemis at Night"
"Henry the Porcupine"
"Clifford the Turtle"
"Ophelia" the opossum will be at this year's event
as ambassador for this worthy cause
Photos from last year's event 2018