phone: 603-682-8021
Title: "Paint Your Pet Portrait Night"
Studio and Gallery
Please log onto Zoom 10 - 15 minutes before Time of Class
E-mail a few pictures of your pet. Please include your  pet's
name so I can keep track of whose pet it is.
We will Sketch it out for you to paint during class.
The better the photo, the better the painting will be.
Instructor will assist.
Online Class
Date of Class: Saturday, August 22, 2020
Cost per Seat: $50.00
Time of Class: 7:00 pm          
Gift Cards and discounts cannot be used for this class
Only One Pet per Canvas!
Price: $ 50.00 Quantity:
Includes Virtual link to Class, Pre -Sketched Canvas,
Brushes, Paint, Water cup, Palette, Paper towel.
Includes all supplies needed for class
We can ship the materials to you or we can arrange
for a pick up spot. Please let us know how you
would like to receive your supplies.
Call: 603-682-8021 or