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Kid's Painting Parties
Need a new idea for a kid's party?
Why not try a kid's painting party at Art with a Splash.
It's lots of fun and it's easy to do. We provide all of the art
materials for the painting session, including  an 11" x 14"
canvas, non-toxic acrylic paint, brushes and aprons.
Suggested Age is 7 and up.  Price per seat is $25.00

Everyone in the party does the same painting, but there is plenty
of room for creativity. The instructor will walk the group through
the painting step-by-step and encourage everyone to use the
colors of their choice or perhaps add a little something to make it
their own creation.

At the end of the session the instructor will ask the kids to sign
their painting, we'll take pictures of the group holding their
paintings and they can go home with their work of art
ready to hang on the wall.

Please call or email us for availability of times and dates for Kid's
painting parties
"Lucky Ladybug"
"Laughing Lobster"
"Bunny Rabbits"
"Polly Penguin"
"Giraffe and Flowers"
"Colorful Cupcake"
"Poppies in Bloom"
"Tree of Dreams"
"Snowman in Snow"
"Snow People Ice Skating"
"Tropical Fish and Coral"
"Gerbera Daisies"
Studio and Gallery
Below are
available choices for Kid's Painting Parties
11" x 14" Canvas
"Frog Friend"
"Sea Turtle"
Sailboat and Lighthouse"
"Tropical Island"
"Polly Penguin"
"Owl in Winter"
"Panda Bear"
"Beach Umbrella and Sailboat"
"Snowman and Broom"